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Nov 29, 2009 1:00pm EST
of knnovell before he took on google. i've assumed this was an area where america remained head and shoulders above the world. that's where our future lies, how we'll create new jobs for the future. over the last few months i've been having second thoughts. i've been reading these new studies that use not polls of experts but hard data and they suggest that america's lead is slipping. in fact, one with of them looks at the degree to which countries are adjusting and improving their research technology and regulatory policies to stay competitive. and it finds that the united states has made the least progress of the 36 nations in four regions studied. you can go to our website for the actual studies. consider the three most important technologies in alternative energy that are likely to yield big payoffs -- solar, wind and battery power. america doesn't measure up to asia in any of the three. take solar energy. japan and china each have three of the top ten companies in that field. america has only two. let's be clear. america still dominates the world of innovation by any measure, but the res
Nov 22, 2009 1:00pm EST
or casts a poor light on the american model? and does this in some way affect america's power, its soft power, if you will. american was seen as the leading example of capitalism around the world. the advance model and does that now cast some doubt. >> there is temporary -- a temporary questioning about the intelligence of the american model. but i have seen these things much better. i think way back in the late '60s. economies at yale professor robert griffin wrote that very famous book "gold in the dollar crisis." the currency of the world. that the united states should take a lead to -- [ iunintelligible ] the united states from difficult situation. it has shown remarkable capacity to bounce back the unperennial spirit which is a hallmark of the enterprise system. i have no doubt that these things are not -- any shifts but that the american economy has the capacity to bounce back to its normal growth. >> so the russian government and the chinese government in various ways have been suggesting or hinting that they might prefer a world without the dollar as a reserve currency. you do n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2